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Alessandro Sambini


Alessandro Sambini (Rovigo, 1982) lives and works in Milan, where he moved after graduating in Art & Design at the Libera Università in Bolzano…

Andrea Kvas


Andrea Kvas was born in 1986 in Trieste, he currently lives and works in Italy. His personal exhibitions include: the 2015 Staring Contest,…

Annika Ström


Annika Ström was born in Helsingborg, Sweden in 1964. She studied at the Royal Academy of Fine arts in Copenhagen until 1997, but moved already…

Antonio Scaccabarozzi


Antonio Scaccabarozzi was born in 1936 in Merate (Lecco-Italy). From 1951 in Milan, he attended the evening classes of the High School of Applied Art…

Antun Motika


Croatian artist Antun Motika (Pula, 1902. – Zagreb, 1992.) is widely known mostly as a painter, but his experimental body of work including…

Benni Bosetto

Sin título-1.jpg

Benni Bosetto (Milano, 1987), lives and works in Milano. She graduated from the Accademia di Brera, Milano and she studied at the Sandberg Institut,…


03Bianco-Valente descrizione.doc

Since the Nineties, the two artists Bianco-Valente test the reaction of our minds to the new technological landscape that surrounds us. Their work…

Braco Dimitrijević

1_Braco Dimitrijevic.msg

Braco Dimitrijević was born in Sarajevo in 1948. After attending the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, between 1968 and 1971, he completed his…

Cesare Pietroiusti

taccuino 055.jpg

The artistic research of Cesare Pietroiusti, born in Rome in 1958, a degree in medicine with an essay on psychiatry, focuses on the analysis of…

Cesare Viel

VIEL Tutto ciò che accade 2011.jpg

Cesare Viel (Chivasso, TO, 1964) has exhibited his works in Italy and abroad since the late 80’s, in private galleries, museums and foundations. He…

Claudia Losi


Claudia Losi (Piacenza, 1971). Her interest focuses on the relationship between man and the environment that surrounds him, on the relation between…

CRASH! – Scott King & Matthew Worley


Scott King was born in 1969 in Goole, East Yorkshire, England. Past work includes: Art Director of i-D and Creative Director…

Daniel Maier-Reimer

Journeys: Apennin 2017, Castelnuovo d'Elsa - Florenz 2017, Christchurch - Bluff 2016,Auckland - Christchurch 2015, Journey to Tbilisi 2014, Apuan Alps…

David Casini

02)parco giochi.jpg

David Casini (Montevarchi, 1973) is a visual artist, his work includes sculptures and site-specific installations. He has exhibited in several solo…

David Horvitz

unrealized project.eml

David Horvitz is an artist from Los Angeles

David Maljković


David Maljković is a Croatian artist known for his use of film, sculpture, collage, and installation. His work often explored themes related to time…

Davide Bertocchi


Davide Bertocchi was born in Modena, Italy in 1969. From 1988 through 1993, he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna with Alberto Garutti:…

Davide Mosconi


Davide Mosconi was born in 1941 in Milan, the same city where he died in 2002. After graduating in piano and composition at the Milan Conservatory, in…

Debora Hirsch

Foto 01.doc

Born in São Paulo 19th August 1967. Lives and works between Milan and São Paulo.

Duro Seder

Seder 01 cm 27.5 x 39.jpg

Đuro Seder (1927, Zagreb) is a Croatian artist who lives and works in Zagreb. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Zagreb in 1951 in the…

Elio Marchegiani

Progetto x Gibellina.jpg

Elio Marchegiani was born in Syracuse in 1929 to Sicilian parents. In 1934 his family settled in Livorno, where he spent his childhood and youth. He…

Emilio Fantin

Il mio progetto.pdf

Emilio Fantin (Bassano del Grappa, 1954), lives and works in Bologna. Fantin creates spaces for participation where the educational aspect is combined…

Emily Jacir

4. stazione (Rialto).tiff

Emily Jacir’s work investigates histories of colonization, exchange, translation, transformation, resistance, and movement. Jacir has built a complex…

Enzo Umbaca

Del Piero.docx

Enzo Umbaca, born in Caulonia in 1964, lives and works in Milan. He studied Scenography at Brera Academy. His artistic research spreads across…



Originally from Belluno, the artist began to make himself known at the beginning of the new millennium with wall paintings made mostly in social…

Erwin Wurm


Born in 1954.Lives in Vienna and Limberg, Austria.

Eugenia Vanni

giovane che guarda.jpg

Eugenia Vanni (Italy, 1980, lives and works in Siena), graduates at the Academy of Fine Arts, Florence and at NABA, Milan. Her previous exhibitions…

Eva Marisaldi

1_2004_progetto ageop EVA.jpg

Eva Marisaldi was born in 1966. She lives and works in Bologna. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna. Her research is articulated,…

Flavio Favelli

Crediti del progetto

Born in Florence in 1967, Flavio Favelli lives and works in Savigno (Bologna). Having graduated with a major in Oriental History from University of…

Franco Guerzoni


Franco Guerzoni was born in 1948 in Modena. In the early seventies he uses photography as a means of representation. In 1972 his Frescoes, and in '73…

G. Küng

wedge stair.jpg

G. Küng (born 1982, New York) lives and works in Brussels since her 2013 residency at Wiels Contemporary Art Centre. She earned a BFA from The…

Gian Maria Tosatti

Il palazzo di Atlante.pdf

Gian Maria Tosatti (Roma, 16.04.1980 - lives in New York) made his first steps in 2002 at the Centre for Theatrical Research and Experimentation of…

Gianfranco Baruchello

Do it yourself confession 1 1967.tiff

Gianfranco Baruchello’s name is related to an artistic universe that presents multiple gravitational centers. Born in Livorno in 1924, the artist has…

Giovanni Ozzola


Giovanni Ozzola (Firenze, 1982)lives and works in Canary Island.Encompassing sculpture, photography, and video, Giovanni’s work examines the…

Giulio Paolini

Paolini_Overview 2012_Model-1.tif

Giulio Paolini was born on November 5th, 1940 in Genoa, and lives in Turin.Since his first participation in a group exhibition (1961) and his first…

Goldschmied & Chiari

Untitled 1.jpg

Sara Goldschmied (1975, Arzignano VI) and Eleonora Chiari (1971, Roma), work as an artistic duo since 1997. They actually live and work between Rome…

Grazia Varisco

1 Arcimboldi, Maquette.jpg

Born in Milan on October 5, 1937, Grazia Varisco attended the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in the second half of the fifties, where she studied painting…

H.H. Lim

L'omaggio - 2005.jpg

H.H. Lim was born in Malaysia and graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. Since 1976 he has been living and working between Rome and Penang.…

Hassan Khan


Hassan Khan is an artist, musician and writer. He lives and works in Cairo, Egypt.

Helen Mirra


Helen Mirra’s art practice is based in walking, primarily in the mountains, in nature. But also cities could be a place for her walks – as for example…

Ibro Hasanović

Hasanovic_Lilium-Bosniacum-CONCEPT (2).jpg

Ibro Hasanović was born in Ljubovija (Yugoslavia) in 1981. He currently lives in Pristina, Kosovo. His works have been recently exhibited at Austrian…


IM_Noises From Above_MoRe.pdf

Simone Bertuzzi (b. Piacenza, 1983) and Simone Trabucchi (b. Piacenza, 1982) have been working together under the pseudonym Invernomuto since 2003.…

Ivan Kozaric

Kozaric 01 cm 30 x 42.jpg

Ivan Kožarić (1921) (1921) is a Croatian artist who lives and works in Zagreb. His research has been focused mainly on sculpture, but he has also used…

Ivan Picelj

1324 ( 1-7 ) 2 Picelj Radic Richter Srnec_Pariz 1950.jpg

Ivan Picelj(Okučani, 1924-Zagreb, 2011). A student at the Fine Arts Academy in Zagreb between 1943 and 1946, he abandoned his studies to begin…

Ivo Bonacorsi

BONACORSI conceptual noise detail.jpg

Artist and writer, he was born in Vergato (Bologna) in 1960. He graduates in Phenomenology of Styles at the DAMS in Bologna, and always in Bologna he…

Jeremy Deller


Jeremy Deller born 1966 in London, Lives in London. All Jeremy Deller projects donated to MoRE museum were originally selected by the artist himself…

Jonathan Monk


Jonathan Monk born 1969 in Leicester, UK. Lives and works in Berlin, Germany

Josip Vanista

Vanista - Erased line cm 60 x 42.jpg

Josip Vaništa (Karlovac, May 17, 1924) is an artist, graphic designer, writer, academic and retired university professor. He lives and works in…

Julije Knifer

Knifer cm 30 x 42.jpg

Julije Knifer (1924-2004) was a Croatian artist, who was born in Osijek and died in Paris, where he had lived since 1994. A graduate of the Academy of…

Kensuke Koike


Kensuke Koike (born in Nagoya, Japan in 1980 – lives and works between Sempas, Nova Gorica and Venice). His artistic research focuses on the…