Andrea Kvas


Andrea Kvas


Andrea Kvas was born in 1986 in Trieste, he currently lives and works in Italy. His personal exhibitions include: the 2015 Staring Contest, Ermes-Ermes in Vienna, the double solo show Andrea Kvas and Nicola Martini at the Kaufmann Repetto gallery in Milan and in 2013 Campo the exhibition at the Museo Marino Marini in Florence. He has also participated in numerous collective exhibitions in various areas in Italy and abroad, such as the galleries Bugada & Cargnel in Paris, Francesca Minini in Milan, Chert in Berlin, CAR DRDE in Bologna and ZERO ... in Milan. He has presented his work in institutional spaces such as the Fondazione Bevilacqua la Masa in Venice, the Municipal Gallery of Contemporary Art in Monfalcone and the Macro in Rome, and in independent spaces such as Brown Project Space and Peep-Hole in Milan, and Cripta 747 in Turin.


Kvas, Andrea

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Taccuino 2015
Andrea Kvas donated to MoRE some unrealized works from his notebook. The design material in these sheets is very varied and includes sketches of shapes, the conception, and development of a new alphabetical code and some self-supporting pictorial…
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