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WHAT IS MoRE MoRE is a digital museum that collects, preserves and exhibits on-line refused and unrealised art projects of the XX and XXI century.

Katia Goldoni, One MoRE Year from MoRE museum on Vimeo.

GOALS The museum collects and exhibit projects that have been conceived on purpose for specific occasions, in determined contexts, even though not necessarily commissioned, and that have not been realized due to technical, logistic, ideological, economical, moral or ethical reasons, or were simply utopic, or a theoretical exercise around the theme of the unrealised. The museum aims at giving value, preserve and study those materials through research projects and exhibitions, capitalizing all the potential of the Web. The preservation of the project inside the museum does not prevent the artist from realizing it in another context or form.

WHO WE ARE The museum originates from an idea of Elisabetta Modena and Marco Scotti that are in charge of managing the archives, planning temporary exhibitions and coordinating the editorial activity and the debate together with a team of researchers, scholars, content and project managers, with the collaboration of a scientific committee and of invited external curators.

WAYS OF CREATING AND INCREMENTING THE COLLECTION The museum accepts donations of one or more unrealised art works of every author on digital format (for the criteria for collecting, digitalizing and donating, see the section below entitled “Guidelines”). The donation contemplates the right of usufruct by the artist, with the indication of the museum courtesy. The donation does not entails the impossibility to realize the donated project in case of opportunity. The museum assures the respect of the intellectual property.

THE COLLECTION The museum-website is made up of: an archive of projects totally available in digital format; a space dedicated to temporary exhibitions; a section hosting critical interventions and in-depth examinations.

Guidelines for the constitution and management of the archive