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Guidelines for the constitution and management of the archive


MATERIALS TYPOLOGIES The museum collects an unlimited number of digital or digitized projects, fully described and documented, provided with a catalog record and a critical paper.

MODALITIES OF DIGITIZATION If the donated project in not originally in digital format, the committee, in concert with the artist, will predispose its digitization, in conformity with national and international standards.

DONATION The artists commit to donating the project, revised and reconstructed in digital format expressly for the museum, through a private deed in which the donor clearly expresses his/her intentions regarding the modalities of use of the artwork.

PRESERVATION Besides the maintenance of the museum-website, the museum aims at preserving more backup copies of the projects and of the relative documentation not online, in addition to any further backup ensured by the provider. Every document is archived in the MoRE website, developed with Omeka, and in its digital repository, inside the DSpace platform offered by the University of Parma.