Jeremy Deller


Jeremy Deller


Jeremy Deller born 1966 in London, Lives in London.

All Jeremy Deller projects donated to MoRE museum were originally selected by the artist himself to be exhibited in the monographic retrospective show Joy in People, and published in the exhibition catalogue section entitled “My Failures (2004-present)”: in his own words ‘a section of works that I wish I’d been able to make but wasn’t able to’.


Deller, Jeremy

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Fourth Plinth Proposals
Two proposals presented as part of the great public art project connected to the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square, London and never realized. The "Fourth Plinth" was in fact originally built in the second half of the nineteenth century, as a base to…

Iggy Pop Life Drawing Class
The project consisted in inviting an icon of popular culture – such as Iggy Pop – to pose, without revealing his identity to the students, as a model for a drawing class: the results of these sessions would then have been donated and preserved at the…

Mission Accomplished
Jeremy Deller was invited for the Carnegie International in 2004, and this one was the first idea he presented – which could be referred to a more complex series of research and reflections about the contemporary war in Iraq – with the intention to…

Proposal for the Olympic Park Gateways
Deller proposed here a structure similar to Stonehenge, or simply menhir-like, to highlight the entrances and exits of the Olympic Park that would have hosted stadiums and structures in London, 2012. The deliberate ambiguity consisted in building a…

Rejected Tube Map Cover Illustration
This was the first idea proposed by Jeremy Deller, after he received the appointment from TFL to design the cover of an edition of the map of the London Underground, distributed free in all the stations. The proposed design was initially a bicycle,…
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