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Franco Guerzoni was born in 1948 in Modena. In the early seventies he uses photography as a means of representation. In 1972 his Frescoes, and in '73  his Archaeology, followed by Anthropology, are researches related to aspects of cultural stratification and the idea of “old” as a loss. In the eighties, he's engaged in the construction of large wall papers that explore the idea of an imaginary geography, Travel cards, Grotesque and The Forgotten Wall, at the end of the same years he worked on the surface intended as depth. Presents Decorations and ruins in a room at the Venice Biennale in 1990. Since then continues through the great cycles of works, his investigation on time and on the poetics of ruin, a kind of archeology without restoration. Since 2006, following the recovery of a body of works done with the use of photography by the author in the seventies, presents at GAM in Turin Landscapes powder, his research supported by a real work of reunion or transfer ranging from painting to the wall itself, chasing the dream that joins previous attempts aimed at the creation of a kind of bas-relief, constant in all his work, towards the idea of a slight sculpture, daughter of the new attention to the wall. So the Forgotten Wall becomes the real privileged place for his most current work.


Guerzoni, Franco

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Stelle e lucciole
Stelle e lucciole was conceived between 1969 and the early Seventies, and it is one of the first episodes of the prolific collaboration between Franco Guerzoni and Luigi Ghirri, which produced interesting and relevant results. These photographs…

Sovrapposizioni culturali
The two figures “I remember I have seen a mosque inside the Amun Temple in Luxur” and “Development of the decoration of an Etruscan vase according to a nineteenth-century portrayal” were to be part of a broader and more structured project, centred on…

Tappeti volanti
In this drawing Franco Guerzoni speculates - with a theoretical exercise nearer to utopia than to a real project - about the possibility of realising flying carpets. On this drawing we can find, together with shapes and images by Guerzoni himself, a…

Fontana in galleria
Since the beginning, the research of Franco Guerzoni was up-to-date and full of original ideas, even if in line with the most interesting experiences developing in Italy and abroad. Indeed, considering visual arts, that period was particularly rich…
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