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Cesare Pietroiusti


The artistic research of Cesare Pietroiusti, born in Rome in 1958, a degree in medicine with an essay on psychiatry, focuses on the analysis of paradoxical and problematic situations that are hidden in ordinary life and at the same time of the art system.
Visual artist, founder and coordinator of research centers (e.g. the  artist-run space Jartrakor in Rome), art projects and conferences, since 1977 he exhibited in public and private spaces, conventional and not, in Italy and abroad. In 2007 he founded, in collaboration with the collective Space of Bratislava, “Evolution de l’art”, the first art gallery to sell exclusively immaterial works and in 2011 the Museum of exiled Italian contemporary art, a project for the collection of works, documents and records on artistic experiences that are deliberately marginal or non acknowledged by the museum system.


Pietroiusti, Cesare

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Mine Vaganti
The projects, partially realised, aimed at creating arbitrarily identities of not existing artists and critics who actively took part to the art system with their pretended and artificial professionalism through fake works and statements or even…

The project, entitled Finestre since its first conception, has undergone several revisions and can be considered only partially realised. The idea of opening windows on adjoining rooms to offer the spectators an unusual continuity of vision between…

Inchieste Oggetti
This unrealised project dates back to 1990 and has been published by Jartrakor in 1992. The idea was to test the relativity of individual definitions by asking to a certain number of people to identify an object in their home that satisfies certain…

The project, part of the author's criticism towards the system, concerns the issue of the fruition of contemporary art and of the so called art system in general. A first version of the project was developed since 1991. We can see on one of the…

Museo degli artisti dimenticati
In 2000 Pietroiusti prepares the draft of a project for a "Museum of forgotten artists”; the idea was to look for artists which were very valuable but forgotten, in order to write an alternative history of italian contemporary art for the last three…

[Progetti per una mostra retrospettiva]
Since 2000 in the artist’s notebooks we can find several information and notes about the project of a retrospective exhibition that has never been realized.One note dated 2001 sketches out the idea of an exhibition of artists who developed ideas…

Certificati di Autenticità
The artist developed a never-realized project for the production of different typologies of certificates of authenticity, like for instance one attesting a person's own identity, or unrealized art works or sophisticated certificates printed on…
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