Ivo Bonacorsi


Ivo Bonacorsi


Artist and writer, he was born in Vergato (Bologna) in 1960. He graduates in Phenomenology of Styles at the DAMS in Bologna, and always in Bologna he exposed at the Neon Gallery and he takes part to the first series of events of the Gam Performance Week at a very young age. In 2004 he realizes the exhibition “Screens, barricades and other images”, curated by Roberto Pinto, at the Careof Gallery in Milan. The same year, he creates the art project “A tainted event” for Isola Art Center, together with Steve Piccolo and Mirella Miramucci. In 1997 he moves from Milan to Paris, where he teaches Drawing concepts and runs workshops at the Parsons Paris School of Art & Design and at the Southern Methodist University Paris Program, even though he defines himself as “living between Oslo and Paris where he runs a clandestine and itinerant restaurant with Dominic Dalcan and Francis Fichot. He writes books of recipes and he smokes the fish he catches in fiords”.  He collaborates as a journalist and critic with Il Manifesto, Radio Popolare, Flash Art and Domus. In 200, he founded the art magazine Area Revue(s) with Alin Avila and Natalie Mei. In 2005 he retires from art with his last performance Announced Retirement, a real boxing match dedicated to Arthur Cravan and he becomes a calendar artist and a celebrity chef.


Bonacorsi, Ivo

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The idea is to put a small gadget on a very famous Duchamp’s work, Roue de bicyclette, a ready-made exhibited in several museums all around the world (Centre Pompidou in Paris, Tate Gallery in London, Moma in NY...). Considering that his work is a…
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