A conceptual noise...

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A conceptual noise...


The idea is to put a small gadget on a very famous Duchamp’s work, Roue de bicyclette, a ready-made exhibited in several museums all around the world (Centre Pompidou in Paris, Tate Gallery in London, Moma in NY...). Considering that his work is a reproduction itself, a copy of the lost original, the idea of a “posthumous homage-enrichment” is really close to Duchamp spirit. The introduction of a credit card establishes a link with other artist who changed the art world, investigating the role of money and material goods, such as Dali (Avida Dollars) but above all Wharol. There is a recreational element in this gadget: the artist took inspiration from the playing cards that children put on their bikes to simulate the sound of an engine. The kit, made of a copy of the artist’s credit card and a clothes peg to decorate Duchamp’s work according to Bonacorsi’s instructions, is sold apart in the museum shop.
This work was planned by the artist on the occasion of the re-opening of Centre Pompidou collections in 2000, but he never proposed it to the museum: a typical development of Bonacorsi’s work, really influenced by the concept of  dépense.
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Bonacorsi, Ivo, “A conceptual noise...,” MoRE, accessed April 22, 2021, http://moremuseum.org/omeka/items/show/36.

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