Scala mobile con deserto

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Scala mobile con deserto


The project involves the construction of an escalator in the desert. In this project, as in the other one donated to MoRE, Lorenzo Scotto di Luzio works on the opposites, inserting in a totally neutral setting – a distinctive trait of the Eastern world – an element with a strong “western” connotation, that represent the commerce and that clashes with the unspoiled landscape of the desert. In the idea of Scotto di Luzio, the staircase is defunctionalized and will not need any maintenance, it should deteriorate and become a relic, an abandoned monument, almost “commemorative” of a past world. Even here the artist hides a paradox, perhaps a joke: the celebration of the western cult just inside the eastern world, two concepts and two cultures that come together to create a sort of epiphany of the vision, just like a “mirage” in the desert. The artist, in the review of the project, calls it a “bachelor machine”, a sterile and unproductive device, a sort of ready-made on a large-scale, defunctionalized and completely out of context, designed not to be placed in the hall of a museum but in the desert, an aseptic and neutral space.
The project was born withouth clients, and with the willingness to propose it to some commissioners in the Emirates, but has never been proposed to any possible commissioner.
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Scotto di Luzio, Lorenzo




Rossi, Valentina




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Lorenzo Scotto di Luzio
MoRE Museum


Scotto di Luzio, Lorenzo, “Scala mobile con deserto,” MoRE, accessed September 28, 2020,

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