Maria Adele Del Vecchio


Maria Adele Del Vecchio


Maria Adele Del Vecchio (1976 Caserta), lives and works in Rome. She attended the Staedelschule Frankfurt in 2005/06, with Mark Leckey as her professor. In 2014, she ranked as a finalist in the tenth edition of the biennial Furla Prize, called The Nude Prize. Solo Exhibitions: Whitin rather than above, Gallerie Tiziana Di Caro, Naples, 2015; Tonite let's all make love in London, Supportico Lopez, Berlin, 2014; Qui sembra ancora possibile, curated by Maria Rosa Sossai, Parco del Pineto, Rome, 2011; No end is limited, curated by Stefania Palumbo, Galleria Enrico Fornello, Prato, 2008. Collective Exhibitions: Pane Per Poveri, Teatro Marinoni, Venice, 2015; Journey to the end of the word, curated by Antonello Tolve, Galleria Tiziana Di Caro, Salerno, 2014; Se il dubbio nello spazio è dello spazio, curated by Maria Adele Del Vecchio and Nemanja Cvijanovic, Museo MACRO, Rome 2014. Die Dritte Dimension, Frutta Gallery, Rome, 2013; Door to Door, curated by Maura Picciau, city centre, Salerno, 2012;  Badtime Stories Badtime Stories, Supportico Lopez, Berlin, 2011;  Classroom #1, curated by Salvatore Lacagnina, Museo MADRE, Naples, 2008; Sistema Binario, curated by Adriana Rispoli and Eugenio Viola, Mergellina Station, Naples, 2008;  A long time ago, last night, curated by Francesca Boenzi, Galerjia Kortil, Rijeka, Croatia, 2008. Falansterio, Supportico Lopez, Naples, 2006. Luogo/non-luogo = nuovo luogo, visiting professor Richard Nonas, Fondazione Antonio Ratti, Como, 2003. 


Del Vecchio, Maria Adele

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