Kensuke Koike


Kensuke Koike


Kensuke Koike (born in Nagoya, Japan in 1980 – lives and works between Sempas, Nova Gorica and Venice). His artistic research focuses on the variations of imagination and human perception; he works mainly on collages, from the traditional and technically simple photo collage to a three dimensional collage in motion, realized by collecting a series of image-trouvé. But the appeal of his work often comes from the fact of adding to the image of the readymade the concept, borrowed from alchemy, of “finding value in nothing”.


Koike, Kensuke

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A series of frames of big size are overlapped in order to create a new shape, that goes beyond the content of the frames itself. The project was part of a series of works focusing on representation, but the artist abandoned it because he was busy on…
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