Ugo La Pietra


Ugo La Pietra


Born in 1938, in Bussi sul Tirino, Pescara, Ugo La Pietra graduated from Milan’s Politecnico in 1964. In 1962  his artistic research attempts to clarify the relationship “individual-environment.” Within the framework of this process he develops knowledge tools (“models for understanding”) that seek to transform the traditional “artwork-viewer” relationship. He always acted inside and outside disciplines, describing himself as a “researcher in visual arts”; an unconventional and peculiar artist,  not easy to classify. Since 1960 he embraced different art movements with his researches. He spread his thoughts and experiences through an intense editorial and academic activity. Moreover he was a founding member of several groups, such as Gruppo del Cenobio, Gruppo Design Radicale and Global Tools, and promoter of many exhibitions that involved a great number of professionals (artists, designers and architects).


La Pietra, Ugo

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Casa per uno Scultore (Casa per lo scultore Carmelo Cappello)
The project of the house for the sculptor Carmelo Cappello (Casa per lo scultore Carmelo Cappello) has for its own nature of academic exercise to be inevitably assigned to the sphere of 'unrealised'. However, if we leave out an analysis limited to…

Nodi Urbani
The documents donated by Ugo La Pietra and named Nodi Urbani constitutes, compared to the Progetto per la Casa dello Scultore Cappello, a further variation of the 'unrealised'. If the casa per uno scultore is a ‘theoretical’ academic exercise that…
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