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Elisabetta Modena

Elisabetta Modena (Modena 1980) is a PhD in History of Art (University of Parma 2010), independent researcher, curator and a professor for the video game screen-writing course and contemporary museology course at the Accademia SantaGiulia in Brescia. The research has been focused upon contemporary art, history of exhibitions and displays, digital practices applied to the archive, the museum and exhibition forms, interdisciplinary research on new technologies, digital languages ​​and videogame culture. Author of monographs, essays, articles and scientific papers in exhibition catalogues, she has curated and co-curated exhibitions in public and private spaces (MSU, Zagreb; MAXXI, Rome; Galleria del Premio Suzzara; CSAC, Parma; Palazzo Te, Mantova). She plans educational activities, guided tours and inclusive workshops for exhibitions and museums. She collaborates with the magazine “Zero”.