Riccardo Baruzzi


Riccardo Baruzzi


Riccardo Baruzzi (Lugo, 1976) is an artist who mainly uses painting and drawing to develop an investigation into the possibilities of representation between figuratively and abstract synthesis. In recent years, moreover, with some series like P. P. (porta pittura, 2010) and Ordine (2014), he worked on the limit between the material dimension of the painting (of the "painting as an object") and that of painting as a device of representation and story. Baruzzi's research takes different and interchangeable forms: painting, drawing, but also performance or installation interventions are often superimposed to undermine the uniqueness of the art object. The artist has always put a research on sound alongside visual practice, taking advantage of the physical structure of the diskettes and making objects as instruments/works that he uses in his performances to establish gestural affinities and signs between rhythmic and musical design and composition and give life to a creative process of reciprocal sound and visual influences.


Baruzzi, Riccardo

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D.X XY is a dialogue on painting between two subjects X and Y, which is reported in the file number one, while in the second file donated by the artist the dialogue becomes a performance thanks to two actors who recite the text written by the artist…
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