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Anna Zinelli

Anna Zinelli is a Ph.D. student in contemporary art the University of Parma. She is currently working on a dissertation that investigates the critical reception of Italian art in post-war Germany, considering the perspective of the first three documenta in Kassel.
She graduated in contemporary art with a thesis about Gillo Dorfles and the aesthetic question of kitsch, which won the prize “Premio Braglia”.

She published articles on “Itinera. Rivista di filosofia e di teoria delle arti”, “Studi di estetica” and she is in the editorial staff of the review “Ricerche di S/Confine”.
She collaborates with “Fondazione Socin” of Bolzano as archivist and curator of the collection, exposed in "Museo Civico" of Bolzano. 

Her research interests include history of exhibitions and critical theory.

mail: anna.zinelli@nemo.unipr.it